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    When I met you in the Summer

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    The Kim Kardashian Camel Coat


Casual Smart

Loving me some comfortable but put together outfit! Of course you can throw on some heels but the Chanel espadrilles are so soft that you actually wouldn’t miss it :) Wore this for… Read more…



Oh yes summer is FINALLY here!!! It always stuns me how weather can change my mood…if it’s raining and cold I am not in the mood for anything not even… Read more…

Khaki Culottes

Khaki Culottes

I never thought that i could actually like culottes or even love them like i do now. Sometimes we really have to step out of our comfort zone and try new things. To make culottes look great  Read more…


White pants

Today I finally wore my new Diane von Furstenberg pants – i searched so long for a simple fitting white pants and found this one a few weeks ago on No Read more…


Caught up in the rapture

Todays outfit was easy and super comfortable (stole the trench from my mum) since i ran to the city to get some stuff done and then went for a long walk with my one and only – my dog Snoopy. Best thing, we  Read more…


Chasing the sunset

So beautiful weather at the moment but brrrr…ultra cold. If your looking out of the window you would want to run out with bikini just to freeze to death after one second 😉
Yesterday I went with my family for a coffee since last week my little cousin turned 8 and i wasn’t in Frankfurt to celebrate with her. I wore an Read more…

All Black

Black on Black

I love nothing more than an all black outfit and if it’s paired with leather it is even better! 😉

Nowadays I’m just waiting for spring though…at least 15 degree celsius, wearing leather jackets and tops and sandals..I really hate February! It is always so cold and rainy – i never got why carnival has to be in this month
 Read more…

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